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Q.  What is the easiest way in which to get from Logan Airport to Rowes Wharf Water Transport?

A.  Massport's free water transportation buses (route #66) arrive at each terminal every 12-14 minutes. The bus will take you to the water transportation dock. Call 617.406.8584 once you are on the bus and we will reserve a boat for you by name at the dock. Proceed down the left gangway once you are at the dock to get to your reserved boat. Be sure to confirm that you are boarding a Boston Water Taxi so that you can receive the most accommodating service available on the Boston waterfront. Boston Water Taxi is the only service provider to Rowes Wharf/Boston Harbor Hotel/Downtown Boston.


Q. Do you run the water taxi service on a specified schedule?

A. We run personalized, on-call services. Due to the high demand for our services, reservations are strongly encouraged to ensure little to no waiting time for your pickup. Without a reservation call 617.406.8584, and we will typically pick you up within 20-25 minutes of your call. Your boat will depart immediately once you have boarded the vessel. We do run scheduled private services as well. Please call to inquire about special programs.  Please note that from November 1st until April 30th our operating hours are from 8am to 5pm 7 days/week. From May 1st until October 31st our operating hours are Monday through Sunday 8am to 8pm.


Q. How long is the ride between Logan Airport and downtown?

A. The boat ride is typically ten to twelve minutes, a convenient alternative to traffic and tunnels. For planning purposes, we recommend allowing for 45 minutes of transit time from dock to terminal. This accounts for the water taxi ride and the shuttle bus trip to or from the airport.

Q. How many passengers can you accommodate?

A. Our boats can provide service to groups of varying sizes. With multiple boats, each with capacities ranging between 28 and 40 passengers and a wide network of affiliates, we are able to provide service for groups of any size.


Q. Do you run in inclement weather?

A. Yes, all of our boats are covered and heated with interior cabins. The majority of our boats are aluminum hulled, so we are not limited by ice, and we can easily dock in strong winds, unlike smaller, seasonal water taxis.


Q. Do you service the financial district?

A. Yes, we are the exclusive provider of water transportation for Rowes Wharf, the entrance to Boston's financial district. Our service is the only one that can take you to the heart of the financial district.


Q. Do you service the Boston Harbor Hotel?

A. Yes, we are the exclusive provider of water transportation for the Boston Harbor Hotel and its guests. Our dock is literally at the hotel. No other water taxi services pick up or drop off passengers at the Boston Harbor Hotel. The hotel's concierges will pick up your bags at the dock via your request and escort you to the hotel lobby.


Q. Do you service the Boston Convention Exposition Center?

A. Yes, we are the exclusive provider of transportation to and from World Trade West, which is right in front of the Trade Center, Seaport Hotel, Westin Waterfront and the BCEC. Contact us at 617.406.8584 for detailed information or email us.


Q. Do you operate during the winter?

A. Yes, our boats are specifically designed to provide comfortable rides during even the coldest and most extreme winter conditions. Our interior cabins are heated and enclosed. Snow and ice pose no problem to our aluminum hulled vessels. Please note that from November 1st until April 30th our operating hours are from 8am to 5pm 7 days/week. From May 1st until October 31st our operating hours are Monday through Sunday 8am to 8pm.

Q. What types of services do you offer?

A. Rowes Wharf Water Transport - Boston Water Taxi, provides a vast array of services to customers, including on-call water transportation, private charters, sunset cruises, group transfers, parties (birthdays, engagements, weddings, etc.), corporate functions, and specialized services to meet the individual needs of our customers. Many different boats are available to choose from for private charters, each having features like sound systems, cabins, and outer decks to accommodate varying requests from our customers. For information on rates for different services, call 617.261.6620. To schedule a pickup please call the boat Captains directly at 617.406.8584.


Q. Do you offer luggage storage?

A. Yes, we offer secure luggage storage in a locked private room at Rowes Wharf. We offer luggage storage for a variety of situations, below are a few common:

Late Flight/Hotel check out early: Bring your luggage to our office at 60 Rowes Wharf. We will store your luggage for you for the day while you explore Boston. When you are ready to head out, you can pick up your luggage and head to the airport on our water taxi.

Early Boston Arrival: Fly in to Boston before you can check into your Hotel or Airbnb? Ride the taxi over from Logan airport and store your luggage with us until you can check in.

Long Boston Layover: Passing through Boston with a layover flight? We have you covered! We pick you up at Logan Airport, bring you to our office downtown to store your luggage. You tour the city unencumbered with luggage, and return when you are ready to go back to the airport to jet to your destination. For details on how to get to the water taxi on the Logan side of the trip please see FAQ #1

Q. Do you offer online ticketing?

A. Yes, you can purchase tickets online. You will need to call to schedule pickup, 617-406-8584


Q. Where is parking available at Rowes Wharf?

A. For convenience, Boston Harbor Hotel offers a valet parking garage and taxi stop.

Q. How can I get to Rowes Wharf to board a boat?

A. Rowes Wharf offers a taxi stop directly next to the docking area. You can take the BLUE LINE to the Aquarium which is just a block away from Rowes Wharf. Rowes Wharf is also the closest docking area to South Station in the harbor which is accessible via the RED LINE.


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